The Weather At Hand – Weather Service Apps For Every Occasion

It may seem to be a minor matter at times, but everyone relies on the weather to make plans and go about their days. For centuries, the weather has controlled what people do, where they go and how they dress. To plan sufficiently around the weather, it’s vital to have a good forecast for the day. And with the wonderful “lifehacks” given to us by modern technology and science, next week’s weather forecast is only an app away.

The UK’s Original Weather Service

The Met Office Weather Application is part of Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather forecast service that has been operating since 1861. This agency is solely committed to the research of weather and forecasts for the UK region. The Met Office Weather app provides detailed and constantly updated forecasts for all areas in the UK. Along with the weather, it also has features for flood warnings, pollen forecasts, air pollution forecasts and UV forecasts.

Accurate Predictions

Another weather service that has created a convenient and user-friendly app is AccuWeather. AccuWeather is an organization that forecasts weather globally, online and on their mobile application. This service not only presents the weather, but also various warnings and current news topics linked to its website.

More Than Just the Weather

For a more scientific approach to your daily weather forecast, WeatherBug is an app loaded with statistics and data. The app also has a feature to determine the energy usage, costs and carbon dioxide emissions that will result from different home air conditioning settings based on the current climate. In addition, there is access to live weather and traffic cams.

Like everything else in our modern lives, the weather can be simple and convenient to follow. Whether you’re planning for tomorrow or next month, there is an app that will help you navigate your life according to the unpredictable rain or blazing heat wave.