A New Venture In Weather Forecasting: Cloud “MRI’s”

Improvements in weather technology are aiding the research and understanding needed by scientists to further the ability to forecast weather. But while there are new discoveries each year, there is still much yet to be uncovered. Different aspects of meteorology remain misunderstood, and that is why the research continues to hopefully better weather predictions.

A Study by Stony Brook

A group of researchers in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at Stony Brook University have begun a new experiment in the hope of discovering an improved weather prediction method. To resolve challenges in weather, Professor Pavlos Kollias and his team have begun an extensive study in 2018 in the interior of cloud structures. This project aims to create a greater understanding of this largely unknown area of weather.

A Closer Look Inside Clouds

The method will consist of radar and meteorology technology, which will essentially perform the same task as an MRI, just of a cloud rather than a body. By taking this “MRI”, scientists will gain a better understanding of the internal structure of clouds and what happens inside them during different types of weather. A consider the interior components of a cloud will give scientists the understanding necessary to improve weather predictions.

Delving Deeper

This practice will not only give a closer look at a cloud’s interior, but also aid predictions on a more detailed level. Beyond a prediction of whether it will rain or snow, it will help predict the specifics of these occurrences. Volumes of rain and snow can also hopefully be predicted through this method and eventually help improve weather modelling, and thus forecasts.

As scientists continue to do research and studies on new methods and technology, we get closer to a time where the weather will be better understood and predicted. This is only one of the numerous experiments being conducted, all in the name of the accurate weather forecasts of the future.